Carbon Fiber Sheet

This is Pure carbon fiber sheet. Carbon fiber sheets are fabricated with multiple layers of high strength carbon fiber prepreg using a high pressure, which are widely used in Aviation,Drone,DIY etc. Because they are high strength,light weight,wear-resisting,Corrosion Resistant etc. Our Quasi-isotropic plate, 100% carbon fiber sheets, carbon glass sheets and G10 glass fiber sheeets are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are easy to cut, drill and assemble.
Twill/Plain,Matte/glossy finish are available. Customized size and shape are available as well.We could offer CNC cutting service incluing regular cutting, countersinking and chamfers etc with beautiful surface and high precision.

Just enter your request in the Request Special Services section on the product page when interesting in a product, and pricing will be emailed for approval.

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